What is Money? and How to invest money wisely?

Invest Money Wisely

The best way to invest money is through diversification. Never invest all your money in a single asset instead diversify it into different assets. Money is the most important thing in your life so you have to understand how to invest it wisely. There is a saying in the market that never put all your … Read more

How to apply for an educational or student loan?

student loan

An educational or student loan is the biggest requirement nowadays because education is very expensive and poor people can not afford it. So here comes the option of education load that is easily available for any person with some requirements. So first talk about the educational loan then understands the procedure. Mostly who go for … Read more

What is compounding Interest Investments?

Compounding interest investments is a very popular term that is used in investment while we are investing money. Compounding gives you more benefits if you invest for a very long time like a decade or two decades. FDs, high-interest saving accounts, and bonds are some common types of investments that are safe and give you … Read more

What are RTGS, NEFT, and IMPS in Banking?


RTGS, NEFT, and IMPS are the terms that are used while we transfer money from one account to another. RTGS means Real Time Gross Settlement, NEFT means National Electronic Fund Transfer, and IMPS means Immediate Payment Service. All three terms are widely used in our daily banking activities but have different uses that we discuss … Read more

What is Bulk Posting in EPFO and SBI?

bulk posting

Bulk Posting is a phrase that is mainly used in banking. It means crediting funds to several accounts simultaneously from a single source. For example, the salaries of employees, dividend distribution, governmental subsidies, pensions, etc. When a single entity transfers something to several then this can be said as Bulk Posting. The term is mainly … Read more

What is an Auto Sweep facility in Banking? How to activate the auto sweep facility in SBI online and other banks?

Auto Sweep is a banking facility that most people do not know about. It has the dual benefit of savings as well as a fixed deposit account. With the Auto Sweep facility active on your account it worked as both a savings and a fixed account. What is an Auto Sweep Facility? In the Auto … Read more

Most Genuine Personal Finance blogs in India – 2022

personal finance blogs in India

Personal finance is most important for every person and here I share with you the details of personal finance blogs in India. Personal finance is the topic to consider by every person to make the cash flow properly. You should have enough knowledge to understand the banking processes, mutual funds, share trading, loans, and taxes. … Read more

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